Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date and Specs

Smartphone enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, scheduled for this fall. If the information released so far shows that it includes an iris scanner, here are the latest rumors indicate introducing world premiere of a UV sensor.

Galaxy Note 4 – News and Rumors

This sensor is used to measure ultraviolet radiation from the sun, to indicate whether they are dangerous or not and when it’s better to stay on the beach, according to Android and Me.

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iPhone 6 Specs and Release Date

The rumor mill is giving a lot of tips about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. All these rumors emerge due to interest of avid iPhone fans. Most tips are in contrast to each other, making it pretty difficult to identify an authentic one from the pool.

Release Date

The iPhone 6 is expected to release on September 9. However, some sources have claimed that the official unveiling shall be on September 19. Apple Inc. hasn’t given any official statement about the release date. Common thing among all the rumors is that it shall be released in the 3rd quarter of 2014, making September the lucky month.

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Miley Cyrus: The Teen SuperStar In Any Genre Of Entertainment

Miley Cyrus has grown to such unprecedented heights of fame and acclaim in the recent years. Her role as Hannah Montana in the Disney channel series has led the program to a surge of popularity especially among young children and teens.

This young rising star plays a dual role in Hanna Montana, that of an average teen school girl Miley Stewart and of a glamorous pop-singer Hanna Montana. Children, teenagers and even some adults have been caught in the Miley Cyrus craze.

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Putting on the Greasepaint with Oneflare

Whether it’s for charity or for a special occasion, theatricals are an enjoyable and memorable way to celebrate and conclude an event.  It may be a strictly one-off amateur affair, but staging a show need not look amateurish. A little expertise in the ancillary stage arts can make a hodge-podge cast look well put-together, and the star talents seem positively, well, stellar. The trick is deciding what to DIY and when to seek professional help.

Make-up sounds like something any career woman or fashion-addicted adolescent can do. While women do get adept at using cosmetics, they do it to suit an up-close-and- personal style. Putting on the greasepaint is completely different. Stage make-up needs to project a dramatic character to an audience, some of whom will be seated a good distance away. Also, the expense of buying cosmetics made for the stage – particularly those that won’t melt off – may be stretching the budget especially since they will be used only once. And a further but important point, what about the men in the cast?

Going through Oneflare’s one stop, on-line directory for everything will yield a host of make-up artists. Most specialize in make-up for weddings, formals and photography, many in personal styling and skin care, but surprisingly none in stage make-up. This may look like a dead end but for the narrow niche that amateur theatricals occupy in the cosmetic landscape, a professional stage make-up artist might just be too professional for this picture.

The best option though for this type of show, considering both skill and cost, would be a wedding make-up artist. After all, isn’t a wedding an amateur theatrical – it has a cast, recognizable characters, a plot and an audience.  And it’s for one performance only too. Make-up artists specializing in weddings would have the skill to bring out the individuality of each character, the men as well as the women and children. They will know how to make the cast members look good for an audience and for the requisite photo ops. Long wearing make-up, a portable kit, touch-up and repair techniques – these are all part of the wedding make-up artists’ arsenal. And as long as it’s not a cast of thousands, they can cope with multiple clients or can secure an assistant who will work collaboratively with them.

Oneflare’s unique Request A Service system is versatile enough for describing specifically the make-up service required by these circumstances. The service providers who submit quotations can be individually contacted to discuss further what the job will involve. This will also help them give a more accurate estimate of cost. Alternatively, the directory listings provide a short resume of each artist and their contact information, together with portfolio samples, rates, personal opinions and customer reviews.

Potential New Jersey theatre production

The Removalists is an Australian play written in 1971. This play was written by David Williamson and it attempts to paint a picture of Australia during that period. The play was so popular that it was even adopted into the movies a few years after it first came out.


Plot of the Removalist – The play is centres around Constable Neville Ross who has just finished training as a police officer and Sergeant Dan Simmonds who is a veteran police officer. They encounter two women who file a complaint of domestic abuse. The husband of one of the women, Kenny would end up dying at the end of the play, a victim of police brutality. The play is a bleak portrayal of Australian society at the time.

The title is taken from the person who will be taking out the furniture from the home of one of the women. It is meant to symbolize the typical Australian at the time. Someone who was passive and who doesn’t care as to what happens around him as long as he gets paid for what he does. The other characters might beat themselves to death and do corrupt things, but the removalist will just do the thing that he was paid to do.

What it Deals with – All societies suffer from the sort of spectator impassiveness that the writer of the play has tried to tackle. We all come down to the point when we don’t really care about the others around us, as long as we can do what we want and others are not bothering us. The play is pretty violent in both action and in language and that is something that it took from the society that it tried to portray. The foul language used by the actors ring true of the streets.

The Removalist In New Jersey – There is talk now of bringing over The Removalist to New Jersey. The play would not be out of place in the United States. The country is undergoing a lot of changes now,  just as Australia was changing back in the 70s when the play was first produced. The characters could all be Americans for their cynicism and their passiveness.

Whichever theatre company manages to bring this critically acclaimed play in New Jersey would be doing everyone a favour, by presenting this timely play for everyone to see now. It would be like holding up a mirror for the audience to look at.

Upcoming theater productions

New Jersey has become an important role in the history of the United States. Even before the European settlers came, the place where the city now stands has long been inhabited by Native Americans. In fact, studies suggest that there have been Native American settlements in the area as far back as 2,800 years ago. With such a long history, it is not surprising that the place has played an important role in the birth and development of the American nation.


Even today the importance of the state can still be felt in many ways. It is one of the smallest yet at the same time it is also one of the most populous states in the country. That means a lot of people are flocking to its cities. The state is also an important cultural centre. There are many theatre and dance companies within the state and if you are the kind of person who enjoys theatre productions then you would find a visit there to be quite interesting.

New Jersey has both benefited and lost a lot in terms of its reputation as a place for theatregoers because of its proximity to New York City. So some people don’t know that there is a thriving theatre scene there. There are many performances there that you might want to check out. It would be a step outside the typical path for a fan of the stage.

If you would like to explore this option, here are some of the upcoming theatre productions in New Jersey:

Room 17B by Parallel Exit – This isn’t exactly the kind of dish that you would expect from Broadway, but if you’re after humour then this is a good bet. The performance combines the physical humour of the silent with the dry and spare British style of comedy.

A Year with frog and Toad – This tale follows the adventures of the two friends Frog and Toad as they go through with discoveries in life. You can catch this at the Centenary Theatre.

Under a Montana Moon – If you are into the Avant-garde then this production should be included in your list. This is a presentation of the award winning silent play, a collection of stories all acted out in silence, under western skies. Catch it at the Lackland Centre.

The Nutcracker by The New jersey Civic Youth Ballet – Catch the yearly presentation of the timeless classic at the Lackland Centre. The cast is comprised of 60 talented young dancers from three counties.

Upcoming New Jersey Art Show

New Jersey is immersed in the arts. If you live there or if you have visited the place then you would know that to be true. The problem is that its proximity to New York City has probably overshadowed its appeal as a destination for serious art lovers and so some people consider it to be artistically a backwater.

Art Shows in New Jersey

There are plenty of art shows in the New Jersey area that you could sample all year round. Here are some of the upcoming events there that you might want to check out:

Romare Bearden: The Artist and Social Activist- This show will focus on the life and works of Romare Bearden who was an editorial cartoonist who used his art to tell the world about his views.  The artist worked on illustrating topics that others might have shied away from because of controversy. The show will be held at the Puffin Cultural Forum from Dec 7, 2012 – Feb 28, 2013.

Art After Hours: First Wednesdays- After Hours is a program by Rutgers University which aims to bring art closer to the community. They hold discussions and lectures on the first Wednesday on each month. On January 2, 2013, the focus will be on Trisha Brown who is a performance artist as well as a visual artist. Jeff Friedman will be the one conducting the lecture and would explore the influences that Brown has had.

Feast Your Eyes: The Unexpected Beauty of Vegetable Gardens- This is a celebration of a unique way of looking at gardens. It shows how vegetable gardens can actually be visually appealing. It will also show the history and developed of this type of garden in New Jersey and how it has helped to shape the history of the state. The show will be held at the New Jersey Historical Society and was developed in cooperation with the help of the Smithsonian Institution Horticulture Services Division. The show will run up until Jun 30, 2013.

These are just three of the best ongoing and upcoming art shows in the state of New Jersey that you can check out. If you are interested in the performing arts instead, then there are also many shows there that might interest you as well. You can go ahead and check them out so you can see what the Garden State has to offer when it comes to the arts.

New Jersey history exhibitions

Starting from the colonial period until today, New Jersey has played a prominent part in the affairs of the country. When it comes to historical exhibits, you can find a lot of that in the state.


The New Jersey Historical Society is the leading institution when it comes to propagating historical awareness within the state. They have numerous programs and exhibits that show the distinctive tale of New Jersey’s past. Here are the current historical exhibits that are created or assisted by the New Jersey Historical Society that you can check out:

What’s Going On? Newark and the Legacy of the Sixties - The 60’s was one of the most complicated periods in modern history, not just for New Jersey but for the country as a whole. That was the time when the counterculture sprang up and other things that shook our consciousness. That was also the period of a great urban upheaval. That is the aspect of the period that is being commemorated by this exhibit. It shows the factors that created the urban rebellion in the late 60’s. It has photos, memorabilia, artefacts and other materials from the period.

Ebb and Flow: New Jersey and Its Rivers - Like all great centres of civilization, New Jersey is grounded on rivers. The Delaware, the Raritan, the Maurice and the Passaic are the waterways that crisscross the state. The exhibit shows the importance of these waterways through historical and contemporary pieces. The exhibit focuses on the impact and importance of these waterways when it comes to the industrial development of the area.

Feast Your Eyes – The Unexpected Beauty of Vegetable Gardens- It’s not for nothing that New Jersey is known as the “Garden State”. That is why it is only fitting that an exhibit such as this would be shown in the city. This exhibit shows the appeal of plants, vegetables and herbs through the history of civilization. It would show that there is a distinct connection with the rise and development of civilization and the way that man cultivated plants. The current exhibit was developed by the Smithsonian Institution Horticulture Services Division with help from The New Jersey Historical Society.

These are just some of the historical exhibits that you can check in New Jersey. As you can see all of these are excellent means of learning more about the past.

Upcoming art classes and opportunities


Some people might suppose that New Jersey isn’t really a hot spot when it comes to visual arts. They would rather travel down to New York where they could find the latest and the hottest when it comes to visual arts on this side of the Atlantic. But they are underestimating New Jersey. The place has a lot to offer and when it comes to art classes and other opportunities in the visual arts. You can be sure that it is not going to be left behind.Here are just a few of the opportunities that we have been talking about which you can try within the state:

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey - This institution was founded in the 1930s and has served as the guiding light when it comes to the visual arts in the state. They offer lectures and other programs all throughout the year that you can join in. These programs were designed and created for those who have more than just a passing interest when it comes to contemporary art. They have a widely appealing Thursday Evening Salon Series which tackles the arts and humanities on two evening sets. They also offer discussions with popular visiting artists.

The Center for Contemporary Art -The Center for Contemporary Art was founded in 1970 as the Somerset Art Association by a group of artists who wanted to have a place where they could discuss their art and find help and learn from others. In 2010 the name was officially changed to The Center for Contemporary Art and it marked a major celebration for the institution. Its aim is to inspire and to let the people, teachers and students to have a deeper appreciation of art and for them to see it as part of their everyday lives. The center offers classes and workshops for both adults and children where they could learn the basics of the different art disciplines. You can take a pick of the kind of class and workshop that you want to participate in.

Center for the Arts Southern New Jersey – This institution offers classes for both children and adults. They have offerings from diverse art disciplines such watercolour to multimedia. The Center is located in Marlton, New Jersey and has been providing art awareness in the region for many years now.

These are just some of the visual arts opportunities that you can get in the state of New Jersey.