Finding the Right New Jersey Online Gambling Sites

It was a long time in coming. For years, US citizens have longed for the opportunity to legally bet on sports and better yet, the opportunity to play games of chance for real cash online. Thanks to the US Supreme Court and aggressive legislators throughout the US, residents in as many as 15 states will soon get the opportunity to bet on sports through licensed bookmakers in the applicable state. Six states are already accepting sports bets with three states taking sports bets through online services.

As for gambling on games of chance online, several states have already passed the required legislation to allow residents to do just that. Proudly, New Jersey has been a real leader in the online gambling community. The state has legalized all forms of online gambling with one caveat. If someone is looking to play games of chance via a mobile app like Mobile Casino Kings or any gambling-related websites, they must first appear in person to register with a licensed online gambling operator. Additionally, all deposits and withdrawals must be made in person to avoid any possible violation of the Wire Act of 1961. As long as New Jersey residents follow the proper registration and banking protocol, they can gamble online without interference from the government.

For New Jersey gambling enthusiasts, the final piece of the puzzle is figuring out which online gambling site will best serve their gambling needs. With as many as a dozen online gambling websites competing for customers, it’s not easy for the inexperienced online gambler to make the right decision. To help with the selection process, we would like to lay out some criteria online gamblers can use to narrow their choices down, eventually leading to the gambling operators that have what the gambler needs/wants from their online gambling experience.


The New Jersey online gambling industry is still very much in its infancy. Unfortunately, there’s not enough history with which to make fair assessments about the reliability of each online gambling operator. With that said, there is something noteworthy about the online gambling operators currently licensed to provide online gambling services to residents from New Jersey.

That something is actually a big thing. All of the operators in the New Jersey online gambling community have solid reputations in either the US land-based gambling industry or oversees as online operators in the UK. It’s important to remember that many of the UK’s top online gambling operators (William Hill, bet365, Paddy Power, 888, etc.) have been in business for not just years but decades. Many of them have been providing online gambling services since the mid-1990s. Given the longevity these companies have accumulated, it’s safe to assume they are all reputable and reliable.

That’s a major plus for New Jersey gamblers. Why? These are the same online operators that are currently licensed in New Jersey. As long as New Jersey gamblers stick with the “name brand” providers, there’s very little for them to worry about. If operators start popping up without the proper licensing, that should be a non-starter for any gambler who is looking out for their own best interest.

Games Platforms

There’s very little an online sportsbook can do to set itself above the others. It’s possible one or two online bookmakers might get aggressive with bonus offers or offer unique betting markets, but generally, online bookmakers are too similar to discern.

Where things get a little more difficult to evaluate is when we start thinking about the online game platforms for games of chance (video slots, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, video poker, etc.).

Much has changed in the industry in recent years. As far back as 5 years ago, online gambling providers would maintain a single relationship with one software provider. As such, customers would only get access to the games being offered by that one software developer. The problem has long been the typical online gambler’s desire for diversity and abundance.

To meet the needs of today’s online gambler, online gambling operators are forced to diversify its game menus. That means offering customers access to as many games as possible from as many different software developers as possible. Instead of depending on a dedicated games platform, operators now develop proprietary gambling platforms, then integrate games from as many top software developers as possible.

As an online gambler with your own tastes and preferences, you’ll want to focus on the online gambling sites that offer games from multiple software developers like Betsoft, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Netent and several other leading companies. Never has the term “more is better” been more relevant.

The Bonuses

At the end of the day, your personal preferences will drive you towards the site or sites that can offer you what you expect from your online gambling experience. If you pare things down to two to three online gambling sites, you might want to look closely at the various bonus promotions each operator is offering. The websites that offer a little more “bang for your buck” would certainly be deserving of all due consideration.

However, you need to look deeper than the money value of the offers being put forth. There are these pesky little things known as terms and conditions. No matter how lucrative a bonus looks for dollar value, the bonus’ terms and conditions could render it worthless. What you want to focus on is finding bonuses that offer good monetary value with gambler friendly terms and conditions that offer you a realistic to convert the bonus amount to real cash that’s eligible for withdraw.