New Jersey: Why Online Gambling is Becoming a Top Form of Entertainment


More and more, Americans are becoming infatuated with their mobile devices. The time the average adult is spending online is fast-approaching three hours a day and that includes the time they are supposed to be working. There’s no evidence this should be considered addictive behaviour, but surely, there’s no denying people are spending a lot of time online.

While people are investing their free time doing things online, it makes sense they would be on the lookout for ways to entertain themselves with the very same mobile devices. They are shopping and watching movies online, visiting with friends online and updating themselves on the news online. They are also discovering they have the ability to gamble for real cash online. Imagine that. By simply clicking on a link that says “here”, they can enjoy the same kinds of gambling that used to enjoy when they had time to visit land-based gambling establishments.

The Introduction of Online Gambling for US Residents

For just a moment, imagine how many people there are in the US and other parts of the world who might like to play games of chance for real cash, yet have no desire to schedule a vacation to do so. Throughout the US, there are a lot of people who don’t really have the means to book a full vacation to places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The costs of transportation, accommodations and all the extras are just too financially prohibitive. At the same time, there are plenty of people in that exact situation who do enjoy playing games like Blackjack, Roulette and video slots.

The good news is a lot has changed in the last year. In middle of last year, the way was cleared for people in New Jersey and other states (not all) to begin legally gambling online through their PCs and mobile devices when applicable. This opened the door wide open for any adult who wants to gamble online from the comfort of their living room or local coffee shop.

The only stipulation currently in place for online gamblers in the US is account registration and deposits/withdrawals have to be handled in person through a licensed gambling establishment in the applicable state. Other than that, New Jersey residents can bet on sports or play online gambling games for real cash through their favourite gambling establishments physically located in New Jersey.

Why Online Gambling is Gaining So Much Popularity

Long gone are the days when gambling carried with a certain stigma normally reserved for people of dubious character? With the proliferation of land-based gambling establishments throughout America, gambling in general has made it to the mainstream of American society.

The reality is gambling is a fun and exciting forming of adult entertainment. Like anything else adults do, gambling does lend itself to creating problems for people who lose control and start gambling irresponsibly. With that said the number of people who fall to a gambling addiction is very small. For everyone, gambling has its appeal.

As indicated above, there have always been people who choose not to gamble simply because of convenience. With the proliferation of online gambling sites, that obstacle has been removed. If there were any doubts about how much people wanted to gamble if convenience was removed as an issue, the answer has become very clear. People are lining up in great numbers in New Jersey and other parts of the country to open accounts and start gambling online.

While convenience is a great motivator, the quality of the online gambling experience is also drawing the attention of recreational gamblers. In fact, the games (Blackjack, Roulette, video slots, etc.) so closely resemble the games one would find in a land-based gambling establish that experienced gamblers have shown a willingness to forgo their trips to their local gambling facilities.

The last piece of the puzzle was moving the online gambling experience to a mobile environment. While gambling on a laptop or PC at home is far more convenient that a trip somewhere, it still doesn’t represent convenience in the minds of people who are permanently attached to their smartphones and tablets.

Over the last 5 years, online gambling operators and their software developers have worked overtime to create quality mobile apps. Today, those quality online gambling mobile apps are available for pretty much anyone with smartphone or tablet. In most cases, mobile apps are available for all the top mobile operating systems, including iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The apps are highly functional and easily accessible. They offer the exact same online gambling experience as its sister websites. Clearly, people have a great appreciation of the opportunity to play video slots for real cash from anywhere they might be when the urge hits.

How popular has mobile gambling become? Industry experts estimate that 50% of all online gambling is being done through mobile apps. Even more impressive is the prediction that number will increase drastically over the next couple of years.

Going forward, online gambling sites will continue to create a wonderful form of adult entertainment. In the immediate future, online gamblers, mobile and otherwise, can look forward to Virtual Reality gambling and the introduction of new account funding methods like Bitcoin. This is a growing industry more b demand than choice. What other form of adult entertainment offers the participant a chance to win cash while doing what they already enjoy doing.