The Art Behind Online Video Slots


As New Jersey residents begin taking advantage of the opportunity to play games of chance for real cash on local online gambling sites, they can expect a few unexpected surprises. One of those surprises is access to some really cool and innovative online video slots. In the gambling world, online video slots have become works of arts, something that isn’t likely to be lost on someone who appreciates a little culture while they are gambling online.

In the latter part of 2018, the New Jersey legislature passed the required legislation that allows New Jersey residents to gamble online through their PCs and/or mobile devices. With said access, online gambling enthusiasts can now enjoy playing table games and video slots while taking advantage of bonus offers like this  offer from one of New Jersey’s online gambling operations.

With the growing demand for access to online gambling opportunities from gamblers all over the world, the online gambling industry’s top software developers have set out to create quality games that will appeal to customers of all shapes and sizes. That includes gamblers who believe they have a bit of culture in their personal makeup. In the section below, we will discuss the evolution of online video slots and why some of these games have become works of art.

The Evolution of Video Slots

Around the turn of the century, the online gambling industry began making online games of chance available to online gamblers located all over the planet. In the early years, online slots were not generally thought of as video slots. They were crude versions of fruit machines that existed in land-based gambling establishments. They were only available in two-dimensions with little to no access to anything that resembled a video feature.

Long around 2006, top software developers like Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment (Netent) began developing slots that had a little bit of life added to them. This life came in the form of interactive video features that allowed the slot player to become more involved in the gambling process beyond pushing a button to make the reels start rolling. While the available software development tools of that generation were limiting, software developers were emboldened to push the limits of innovation as far as they could.

Around 2011, the online gambling software development industry began focusing on using HTML5 as its primary game development tool. This amazing software development tool gave software developers a lot more flexibility in how they innovated video slots. Along with being able to truly create art-like video slots with clear, clean and colorful graphics, they we able to innovate bonus features that were fun and exciting to watch and play.

Until this very minute, software developers are still busy pressing the bounds of what they can innovate to create a truly fantastic gambling experience for online gambling customers. Playing video slots for real cash has become a real adventure for gamblers who enjoy watching the video features in action while getting paid (sometimes) to participate in said activities.

Why Video Slots are Becoming Works of Art

At every step along the path of evolution, video slot software developers have maintained a high level of integrity. Their collective goal as an industry has been and is to put forth the most exciting and creative gambling games possible. This is not something online slot players take for granted. They have become such a powerful force in an industry that’s growing by leaps and bounds that what the online gambler wants is exactly what the software developers and gambling site operators are working to offer.

The result of this unspoken contract between gamblers and software developers has become a new generation of video slots where the graphics have become equal in importance to the video features that must also be made available. Software developers have finally been pushed to the point where gambling is secondary to art. The software development companies no longer employ slot developers; they now employ graphic artists who care about the work the world is eventually going to be experiencing.

The Move Towards Movie-Style Animation

In recent years, animation companies like Disney and DreamWorks have introduced animation capabilities that have taken the movie industry to places no one ever imagined it could go. At the same time, online gambling industry software developers are taking advantage of the same kinds of animation. The results are nothing short of amazing.

In particular, the software developers at Netent seem to have a full grasp on where they need to take the online gambling industry. If a player wants to see what Netent’s people can do with cutting edge software development tools, the results are on full display with video slots like Narcos, Dead or Alive, Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst. These games and other ones like them are popular among online slot players for a reason. They offer the gambler access to a vision. That vision includes amazing graphics, innovative audio features and truly interactive bonus games where money is there for the taking.

If time has shown us anything, the online gambling software development community has every intention of staying on top of the video slot development process. They will use cutting edge development tools and their imaginations to create something more than a video slot. They are looking to present the world their version of ART, art they hope will stand the test of time.