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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“The Reading Establishment” c. 1845 by William Henry Fox Talbot

William Henry Fox Talbot’s longtime valet, the Dutch-born Nicolaas Henneman, had worked beside his master in photographic experiments from the start. With many photographic successes...

“Samurai of the Satsuma Clan” by Felice Beato

This photograph shows a group of samurai from the Satsuma clan. The men's traditional chonmage haircuts and top knots are prominent in the image....

Picturing the “Other”: Irving Penn, Robert Frank and Colin Jones

In 1922 US journalist Walter Lippmann first used the word "stereotype" in a metaphorical sense, defining it as 'the projection upon the world of...

Yinka Shonibare’s Photography

British artist Yinka Shonibare (b.1962) is known for his exploration of the roles that can arise out of collective identity. In his Effnik series,...
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